by B_D_

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This is about closure. Putting the last three years to rest in order to move forward.


released July 18, 2012

Recorded by AJ Lawrence at WRPI on RPI's campus in Troy, NY on 5/17 and 6/7
Produced by AJ Lawrence
Digitally released by Girl Worship

We would like to thank, in no particular order; aj, byron, connor, chris, shela, everyone at Tibbits for putting up with us for the last three years, charles, charlie and india at the Neapolitan for letting dan sleep on your porch, everyone at WRPI for letting us use your space and equipment (especially ed for helping with the mics), and all of our friends and family. Without all of you, this would not have been possible!

B_D_ is:
Dan - guitar/vocals
Brian - drums



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B_D_ Troy, New York

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Track Name: These Walls
the snows dancin' around my visions a little bit fuzzy
but if I crash this tonight, well I'd be fine with that
because I feel alright with how I've been livin' my life so far
and you would've been proud if you'd seen me tonight

the things that these walls have seen are all comin back to me

the long dark drive home is bringing back so many memories
of those late hot summer nights in the tall grass back home
but I'd still like to kiss you. say, "sorry for what I did to you"
but I think I'm finally over you
Track Name: Slow Down
slow down close your eyes you're not alone
everyone goes through this and you'll survive
once time goes it won't come back never miss a beat
I know how to act, but I'm still learning

if theres never an answer, is it really a question? but then why do we have to ask?
I guess accept it, and try to embrace it, and let every little thing last
Track Name: Hearts Fall
do my dreamin' in the morning, cause I don't let my brain think at night
but once my liver's done its job in the bright early light
I can drift in and out of your life

red symmetric sticker she stuck to my wall
adhesive held the slightest chance that we might last 'till fall
September came; and it fell

all the times that you choose to give in to abuse
all the things that he said to get his way into your head
I'm pretty sure you never meant a single word that you said
bruised pride, with brown eyes, its too late to make amends
Track Name: Island
you are an island
no bridges to your shore
so theres nothing to burn
when you send them home

these waters aren't friendly
no stars to guide me in
S.S. Relation crashed into the port

(I'm never coming back)

you're a weakened attraction
a summer away from home
"hope you've got change, I only have big bills, hope you like cheap thrills"

I'm never coming back
Track Name: Realization
focus real hard squint your eyes
what you saw once before was a mess of white lies
stress from your job, your bills over due
but the smile on your face is pulling me through

its the little things in life that make living so sweet
we don't have the right to cheat our destiny
cream for your coffee, butter for toast
just knowing you're still there matters the most

meet me in one hour hope these clouds don't mean rain
the first day of our new lives together again

keep walkin home alone
you're lookin pretty pale
cheeks and a crooked smile
get to me every time

its gettin pretty late
the contents of my cup
have rendered the tip of my tongue
pretty fucked up
if you have to call it that
you used to call me that
does he call you that?

for me
at the top of the stairs
don't wanna see you down there
with the lights out